Unless you are local and already live on the island (lucky you), you will have to cross Moreton Bay on a vessel!

There are only 2 companies going to the island: our sponsor SeaLink (vehicle ferry + passenger ferry) and Stradbroke Flyer (water taxi only). Read further to find a discount code for ferry travel on Sealink.


All ferries from the mainland to the Island leave from Cleveland and arrive in Dunwich (North Stradbroke Island). Stradbroke Flyer is the first terminal and then the SeaLink terminals are after on Emmett Drive, Cleveland.


You are crossing onto the island on foot or with your push bike?

3 options: 2 passenger ferry services - SeaLink and Gold Cats Stradbroke Flyer - and 1 vehicle ferry (see next section for details on this latter option).  

JOURNEY TIME  —  The trip takes 25 mins with both companies. 

TIMETABLES  — This way for SeaLink and Stradbroke Flyer timetables.

BOOKING  —  No bookings are required for passenger ferry services. 

Stradbroke Flyer tickets can be purchased from their Cleveland office before boarding. SeaLink tickets can be purchased online (with a web discount) or from their Cleveland or Dunwich offices before boarding. Click here to book online.


If you plan to bring a car, van, motorcycle or truck across to the Island you will need to catch the SeaLink vehicle ferry. 

JOURNEY TIME  —  The crossing to North Stradbroke Island takes approximately 45 - 50 minutes. Make sure to arrive at the ferry terminal approximately 20 minutes prior to departure to allow time for boarding. 

TIMETABLE + PRICING  —  SeaLink North Stradbroke Island vehicle ferry timetable or Price List.

BOOKING  —  Vehicle ferry voyages to and from North Stradbroke for the festival book quickly.  We recommend booking early to secure your preferred time. Island Vibe attendees can use a promocode when booking their vehicle ferry transfers to and from the island.   

 Please note: when booking an accommodation package that includes vehicle ferry travel to and from the Island: check that your accommodation provider is aware of the special festival promocode by our sponsor SeaLink (see next paragraph for details). Any booking changes from one fare level to a higher level will incur additional payment of the higher fare difference. 

Walk-on with or without bicycle: You can also board the vehicle ferry as a walk on passenger (using a passenger ferry ticket) with or without your push bike. Passenger tickets are valid for 365 days from purchase and no booking is required for a specific ferry time. All pushbikes are free of charge, with an adult passenger ticket on both the vehicle ferry (which doesn't always connect with the island bus service) or on the passenger ferry (which does connect with the bus, however the bus fare is an additional charge of $5 each way for an adult – cash only). 



HOW TO GET TO BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY? (and make the most of the festival)  —   Need to be back to work on Monday morning and still want to make the most of the festival?  You can either catch a late ferry on Sunday night or an early one on Monday! 

Below are the latest services departing Dunwich (North Stradbroke Island) on Sunday night and the first ones departing on Monday morning.


[ Sunday ]

SeaLink Passenger Ferry - 5.55pm & 6.55pm

SeaLink Vehicle Ferry - 6pm & 7pm

Stradbroke Flyer Passenger Ferry - 5.55pm & 6.55pm

[ Monday ]

SeaLink Passenger Ferry - 5.25am, 6.25am & 7.25am

SeaLink Vehicle Ferry - 7am, 8am & 9am

Stradbroke Flyer Passenger Ferry - 5.25am, 6.25am & 7.25am

Reduce your eco footprint to a skinny tyre track and enjoy the many benefits of riding with your friends from Brisbane, Dunwich Ferry Terminal or even your campsite for another stellar edition of Island Vibe Festival! 

This is a great option for the environmentally conscious and those who pack light.  


From the Cleveland ​train station: 

- Stradbroke Flyer water taxi provides a free shuttle bus that picks up passengers from the Cleveland Train Station 10 minutes before water taxi departures (some early and late services excluded).

- A Transdev bus also travels to the SeaLink North Stradbroke Island ferry terminal from the Cleveland Train Station before passenger ferry departures (some early and late services excluded). You can use your Go Cards on this service, and if you're just getting off the train, there’s no extra cost as the bus to the ferry terminal is considered a continuation of your trip! 

Route 258. Journey time: 7min. Times available at

From the Cleveland shops bus stop:

- Stradbroke Flyer water taxi provides a free shuttle bus that picks up passengers from the Cleveland Shops Bus Stop, in Middle Street, 15 minutes before water taxi departures (some early and late services excluded).

- A Transdev bus also travels to the SeaLink North Stradbroke Island ferry terminal from the Cleveland Shops Bus Stop, in Middle Street, before passenger ferry departures (some early and late services excluded). Times available at


The local bus company, Stradbroke Island Buses, provides a service around the island. The timetable can be found here. Please note this bus accepts CASH ONLY.

Most buses connect with the arrival and departure of the passenger ferries from both companies. The bus journey from Dunwich to Point Lookout is approximately 20 minutes. The bus stops at the festival site: Home Beach and within walking distance of Adder Rock Campground, as well as most of the resorts located close to the festival. The bus also stops in Dunwich and other stops around the island.

The Festival also organises after-hours shuttles at the end of the night to ensure festival-goers can safely get back to their accommodation around the island, even after the local bus service ends. Pick-up is at the bus stop across the street from the festival, between Chillers Cafe and the Bowls Club. The shuttle will go from the festival site to Dunwich, via Amity Point. Fare is $5 to be paid cash to the driver. 

Catch a Cleveland train from either Roma Street, Central or Southbank stations and journey to the end of the line at Cleveland. The journey will take approximately 50 minutes.

Use the Translink Journey Planner to plan your trip :

Lift sharing can help pay fuel and ferry costs; minimise traffic congestion and benefit the environment by splitting emissions produced by a care in half ... or by a third ... or into quarters!

Connect with a spare seat or post your ride to the festival on our Island Vibe Festival Community Facebook page!


From Brisbane CBD - 30 km via Old Cleveland Road, an estimated 50 minutes driving dependant on traffic and vehicle.

From Brisbane Airport - 30 km via the M1, an estimated 40 minutes driving dependant on traffic and vehicle. This route includes tolls.

From the Gold Coast - 78 km via the Pacific Motorway, an estimated 1 hour and 20 minutes driving dependant on traffic and vehicle.

You can either park at the ferry terminal parking for free (spaces are limited) or catch the vehicle ferry.


Upon disembarking at Dunwich, follow the signs to Point Lookout. The Festival Site is located across from the Bowls Club, at Point Lookout Oval, E Coast Rd, Point Lookout QLD 4183.

The closest airport to the festival is Brisbane International and Domestic airport. By car it is approx. a 40min drive to the Cleveland ferry terminal, but it can also be done by train.