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      Righteous Reusables      ​

Look past the text ... No more of these cubic meters over cubic meters of waste, compostables and recyclables!

We want to see less and less of what you see on this background image... How? By working as a team: YOU & US. 

Island Vibe has ramped up its sustainability efforts with the introduction of Righteous Reusables, an initiative that aims to eliminate the waste and emissions associated with bringing disposable cups and plates to the island. After successfully composting plates and cups from the last few years we have decided to up our game and provide over 3000 second hand, pre-loved plates for you, your family, and your mates to eat off of. This is such a new and exciting project, and we ask you all to be gentle with the reusables to ensure they don't break, and let us know if there are any broken ones.


We will be washing these plates & cups throughout the festival and delivering these to food stalls to serve your meal of choice onto. Each time these reusables get reused, we have already saved something from being thrown away, and we have saved all the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each one of those disposable items travelling across the world just to be used once.


The Righteous Reusables wash station will be located in the market area, come check out the operation, throw a soapy high five to our awesome volunteers and see sustainability in action. We ask you to pretty please return what you've been using when you are done. Please encourage others to do so, and if you see any that have gone rouge outside of the festival, please bring them back to us.




We need your help to ensure this system works, and we trust you to love and care for this awesome new system. There is no deposit on the plates because we want you to know you are guests in the house of Island Vibe, and you deserve to eat well from plates and cups that make you feel at home.


Look out for the logo sticker on the bottom of all our plates and the sides of the cups to make sure you're not taking someone else’s plate. We'll be up for a chat at the info desk/ return point so come by with your plates and questions. 

Thinking of camping on the island for the festival, but you don’t have all the camping gear and don't want to buy it? Just borrow it!

The Brisbane Tool Library is a social enterprise that through a sharing economy allows people to borrow hand and power tools, camping and sport gear.

Reduce consumption and waste, while saving money!

Step 1: Check out what's available in their inventory (note that if an item is not listed, it might be available upon request)

Step 2: Email  by October 7th to secure the discounted membership and book what you'll need for the festival!   

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