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island vibe episode #15



Island Vibe and Rudekat records have created an amazing mix-tape to mark island Vibe’s 15th year. We would love to encourage everyone who likes to stream music or buy their tunes online, to click the link below and add Episode 15 to their listening playlists or better yet - buy the album directly here:


This has been a bollocks year for the creative arts, live music especially.. and your support is very much needed and appreciated. There are 17 tracks from beloved Island Vibe artists and it is a friggen beauty!! For vinyl lovers, there will be a special collector's edition coming out soon!

Artists featured on the 2020 compilation include the smooth rhythms of Stay-Nice & Tahu Dubs, absolute reggae legends Mista Savona, King Tide, Bobby Alu, 4’20 Sound with Scottish MC Tom Spirals, Byronian beauties Sky Eater, emerging first nations artist Jarulah featuring JK47 and BOMBC, Minjerribah local Sachem with the RnB gem Motherland, newcomer Kuranda soulstress Rikaela, downtempo king Isaac Chambers, Melbourne’s fabulous Echo Drama, intricately beautiful dub instrumentals by Drew-id, 1Dragon 2Dragon, Ben Walsh and Chilacayote and Tanuki Lounge artists Nutty Farah and Asabi.







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