Want to mash up the stage with your gang of skanky raggamuffins, spin some wax, tweak some knobs, present a creative workshop, host a mind-blowing talk, perform some whacky vaudeville burlesque routine or volunteer your awesome energy?

Applications for involvement in Island Vibe 2018 will open in April 2018.


When submitting your application, you will need to enter all the required information, and please include as much support material as possible - hi-res photos, social media and website links, bio/description, demo recordings, link to EPKs, etc. The more you provide us with the better we’ll be able to assess your talent or business, and the better we’ll be able to promote your act if you make it on the program!

Creative Program Applications

Creative program applications cover everything to do with music, arts, performance, multimedia, workshops, decor, as well as the Kids Space. So if you have a creative offering to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

If you have multiple acts/personas/concepts to apply for, please submit an application for each one, but make note of your other applications when doing so.


StallS Applications

Market stall applications cover everything to do with market, food, massage/healing, therapy and charity/information stalls.


Volunteer Applications

The Festival owes its success to the dedicated crew and volunteers, who year after year spend so much of their time and energy on delivering an outstanding event. So if you'd like to help us create these awesome vibes for our patrons and for the community, we'd love to hear from you!

You can also volunteer your time in exchange for a festival season ticket! Volunteering requirements vary depending on the task but average around 12 hours of work before, during or after the festival.  The volunteer application form shows the range of volunteering positions on offer.  Note that being available for at least 3 days of the festival increases your chances to be picked!

Once accepted, volunteers are required to pay a volunteer deposit. Full details of the terms and conditions of volunteering will be sent out by our volunteer coordinator if you receive a volunteer position offer.  If you have volunteered in the past and want to be part of the same team, get in touch early and list your preference, and get in touch with your department coordinator to let them know you want to be part of the team again. Volunteer applications are open until September but we recommend getting in early as most positions are usually filled well before the end date.



We offer a limited number of accredited media pass positions in exchange for coverage of the festival. If you’re a photographer, ground/aerial videographer or representative of an online or print publication, we’d love to hear from you!

Please note that this application form is for media passes, not for media partners requesting complimentary tickets. If you are already one of our media partners for pre-event promotion but do not intend to report during the festival, do not apply for a media pass via the below form but instead enquire about complimentary tickets with promotion [at]

One application form = request for one media pass = one person.

If you intend to apply in collaboration with other people/as a team, please fill out as many forms as people applying and let us know in the “Comments” section who you are applying with.