All Island Vibe attendees and participants must book accommodation!

Illegal camping is a huge issue for local residents, national parks, the local council and the police.

If you choose to free-camp, it reflects badly on the Festival, and rangers and police will deliver on-the-spot fines. Please do the right thing by Island Vibe and camp in one of the many great campsites on the island!

If you plan to camp in a tent, car or van , well you're in luck! North Stradbroke Island has 6 camp grounds and 2 beach camps ready to host you for the most amazing camping experience you've ever had! 

Our personal favourite, and the closest to the festival site, is Adder Rock Campground (in photo in the background of this web page).

Situated ten minute walk from the festival in lush parkland directly beside beautiful Flinders Beach, Adder Rock is where the majority of Island Vibe artists and crew are accommodated and there is a super fun, yet deliciously relaxed vibe here at all times.

The little break off the Adder Rock headland is perfect for catching some choice waves and the wide beach is an excellent place to watch the sunset, do some yoga or catch some solar rays. The water is an intoxicating turquoise blue, so be warned, you will fall in love with this place! 

To check prices and availabilities for all campgrounds and beach camps, go to the Minjerribah Camping website (previously known as Straddie Camping). 

For 2019, you will need to book your camping directly through Minjerribah Camping.



Stoketopia Camping Area:

Take a wander through the beachfront campground at Adder Rock to find ‘Stoketopia’ nestled amongst tea trees and pandanus palms. The campground is the ideal spot to be, right on the beach and 10 minutes walk from the festival gates! There's a covered common area with a schedule of fun things to be involved in like doof stick making, watercolour painting and private daily yoga. Like a tiny festival in itself! There’s hammocks. There’s places to chill. There’s eskis and ice, music and new friends. Theres free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and as much fairy bread as you can eat. Your new mini-community also features an outdoor dressing room with face paint and eco-glitter that awaits your creativity. Because it’s 2019, you’ll also find a charging station,  but believe us when we tell you, your phone will be the last thing on your mind!
It’s time to check into your tent. We’ve blown up your mattress, and rolled out your sleeping bag. There's earplugs on your pillow if need to take a break from the sounds of laughter, crashing waves and distant drums to enjoy some rest.

Free welcome drink Smashed avo breakfast daily Daily beach yoga Private 2 man tent pre-erected
Sleeping bag * Air mattress * Stoke Campsite communal teepee area inc hammocks * tea, coffee and hot chocolate * eskis with ice * dressing mirrors with eco glitter * free unlimited fairy bread *  All camping fees and access to all campsite facilities * instant group of mates! Campsite facilities:

Toilets, Shower facilities, Power & water, Washing machine, Dishwashing area, BBQ facilities ,Picnic areas, Playground, Free WiFi
To soften the blow of the festival being over, when you’re ready to leave, just grab your bag and hop on the bus to nap all the way home or keep the party going! No packing up, no worrying about driving or designated drivers. A sweet end to a sweet adventure!

2 Nights $119
3 nights $149
4 Nights $199
5 Nights $249

Follow the links below to book your camping or bus or the Package Deal!


For any questions or special requests, please contact


Thinking of camping on the island for the festival, but you don’t have all the camping gear and don't want to buy it? Just borrow it!

The Brisbane Tool Library is a social enterprise that through a sharing economy allows people to borrow hand and power tools, camping and sport gear.

Reduce consumption and waste, while saving money!

Become a member by October 7th and get 20% off your membership! 

This will allow you to borrow as much gear as you need for a whole year, including all the gear you might need for Island Vibe : tents, camping chairs, lights and so on.

Step 1: Check out what's available in their inventory (note that if an item is not listed, it might be available upon request)

Step 2: Email  by October 7th to secure the discounted membership and book what you'll need for the festival!   

Wanna lush it up for Island Vibe? There is a range of super stylin' options close to the festival site. These include small or massive holiday houses, units, apartments and resorts.

We highly recommend Allure Stradbroke Resort, right across the street from the festival site and 2 minute from the beach (this is where we're staying!). And of course, Dolphin Holiday Accommodation for beautiful houses, units and apartments all around the island. 

For smaller budgets and larger groups, Minjerribah Island Accommodation is located walking distance from the ferry and both water taxis in Dunwich, as well as 50m from the bus stop to Point Lookout (which stops by the festival site) and 3min walk to the Foodworks. As the old Barracks / Holiday camp, it has just been refurbished and they represent excellent value, sleeping 145 people in 2 or 3 ppl bedrooms, for $30/pp/night including linen. They are on the waterfront at 7 Cunningham St, Dunwich. Find out more on their websiteFacebook or by calling Marie-Claire on (07) 3409 9445.

Other accommodation options include:

- Pandanus Palms  (07) 3409 8106

- The Islander Resort (07) 3409 8388

- Manta Lodge (07) 3409 8888

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