We are elated to announce one of the most exciting world music/reggae projects the world has seen...


⇝  H A V A N A   M E E T S   K I N G S T O N  

S O U N D  S Y S T E M

featuring SOLIS (Cuba) (left on the photo), RANDY VALENTINE (Jamaica) (right on the photo) and our very own don of the dancehall MISTA SAVONA.

The project brings together established and emerging Cuban and Jamaican musicians in an album of mostly original songs, as well as covers of classic Cuban material. 
The calibre of artists on this two part album project speaks volumes, with over 50 international musicians recorded.

The main recording sessions took place over 10 days in June 2015 at the famous Egrem Studio in Havana, Cuba.
Savona personally flew seven Jamaicans into Havana for these sessions, including Sly & Robbie, Boopee and Bongo Herman among other greats.
In the studio they joined Buena Vista Social Club musicians Barbarito Torres and Rolando Luna,
alongside Cuba’s most influential percussionist Changuito (Los Van Van) and so many more.

Since this time Mista Savona has travelled to Jamaica, Cuba and the UK numerous times to complete the recordings. 

Over two years in the making, HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON will be released in two parts - Album #1 on November 3rd  2017, and Album #2 and a feature film documentary following in 2018.