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Grounded Permaculture Retreat

We have teamed up again with Grounded Permaculture Action Party to bring you another Permaculture Action Retreat. Get in quick and secure your spot and take advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge on offer in one of the most undeniably picturesque natural beauties in Australia, North Stradbroke Island. 


Are you ready to cultivate your connection to country, immerse yourself in the local community and sink your feet deep into the sands of island culture?

This retreat gives a small group of participants a unique opportunity to walk with local permaculturists and traditional owners to explore the story of food sovereignty on the island; what was, what is, and what can be.

A synchronistic collaboration between Island Vibe Festival, Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc, Pacific Earth School and Straddie Adventures the five-day program will cover:

- Permaculture Ethics & Principles
- Cultivating Group Ecology
- Hands on Patterns & Design
- Urban Food Forests
- Immersive Quandamooka Kulcha Experience
- Mindful Movement Meditation

he retreat will include all meals and camping accommodation included. Theory classes are based out of the festival site and the practical aspects explore different projects happening on the island. All meals are provided during the retreat from our zero-waste vegan kitchen.

Registration fee is $500 (payment plans available until Sep 12 at check out), price is for the retreat only. Participants to organise ticket and accommodation for the festival. Participants are eligible for a discounted 4-day Island Vibe ticket priced at $150. This option can be added to your shopping cart as you proceed through your retreat booking.




Permaculture Ethics & Principles: Annaliese Hordern

The Permaculture ethics: Care for our Earth, Care for People and Care for our Future, utilised with Permaculture principles are the guiding force that is at the foundation of Permaculture. By viewing our actions and the decisions we make through the Permaculture ethics and principles lens, we leverage our capacity to design with common sense intelligence our productive landscapes, homes, work places, our communities and the extended living world around us.

Cultivate Group Ecology: Erin Young

When people collaborate toward a common goal, their creativity, perspectives and experiences join them. If these aspects of the individuals in a team aren’t utilised or acknowledged, resources are wasted, frustration builds and destructive energy accumulates. This ultimately steers a group away from their intended goals and stifles their positive impact in the world. A team of people is an ecology of diverse skills, intelligences and abilities. When this ecology is understood and cultivated to be regenerative, they find themselves fulfilled, on-purpose, and enjoying their collaboration. Social permaculture provides accessible techniques to establish a rich perennial garden of people as they work to create a better world.

Cultivate Group Ecology with Social Permaculture is a 2-part workshop. Firstly, participants learn how to identify and interact with the diverse elements of a group’s ecology. With this understanding, effective and practical tools are shared to help teams stay aligned, creative, responsive, effective, transparent and equivalent as they work to obtain the yields of their shared aims. This workshop is participatory, interactive and engaging. Participants will leave with a lived-experience of tools they can design into group dynamics and utilise in teams immediately.

Reading landscapes through the eyes of a Permaculturist: Jay Jackson

Learn to look, hear, smell, taste and feel landscapes using permaculture principles and techniques, deepening your ecological experience and embracing whole-systems thinking.

Urban Food Forests: Chief Lauti-kolkr (Keith Golsby-Smith)

Keith (aka Chief) is a Father of 3 with accreditation in learning management, natural resource management, organic farming, and a diploma in Arts. He is a passionate surfer and talented artist, drawing from his Indigenous roots from Papua and Samoa.

He is co-founder of the Pacific Earth School with his partner Billa Lauiti-kolkr, which is committed to the restoration of Mother Earth through cultural regeneration and natural life learning. Their home in Dunwich is a excellent real-life example of Urban Permaculture and Solar Passive Design. Participants will spend a full day with Billa & Chief learning the ins and outs of how they have developed their house and land and the tools required so they can apply it to their own projects.


Immersive Goorie Kulcha Experience: Mark Jones (Straddie Adventures)

Mark is a Goorie First Nation Sovereign of the Quandamooka area who owns and operates his island business "Straddie Adventures" which exists To Teach, Demonstrate & get People to Experience his 'Kulcha'. Mark will be facilitating an immersive Goorie Kulcha Experience for one full day (and two nights) out on country.

Mindful Movement Meditation: Fleur-desiree Wagner

A multi-dimensional ‘In-Light-Ining’ journey of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Healing, activating and aligning the energies within your body temple. Deepening your connection to self and to all that is. To heal the land, we need to heal our self. During these sessions participants will experience;
- Blending of Holistic and Natural Energy-Based Therapies.
- Breath-work, Energy Flow, Multi-forms of Yoga, basic QiGong, guided meditation and Sound Healing
- Free-styling and fusing all of these practices with the elements of Mother Nature's song
- Intention to move away from the mainstream style of yoga practice, to evolve and blend all of these components into a Universal Healing Therapy
- Shifting through the Known and stepping into the Unknown.
In-Light-In the shadow, stretch the Mind, open the Body and dive deep into Consciousness


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