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Everything in between ...

There are stages, spaces, markets, stalls, ... AND THERE IS EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

As you walk through the festival you might see live painting, live sculpture, roving performances, a silent disco truck, an art gallery, a screen printing station... And if you go for a stroll on the beach, you might join into a morning yoga session or a beach clean up, and after that get a well-deserved drink from a bicycle beach bar!

Some of these things were  planned, while others were organic contributions from our Vibers <3

☀ ☀ ☀

One thing that is happening again this year for sure is the Morning Yoga w/ Stef at Adder Rock Campground on  Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th from 7-8am! Meet at the beach, no mats or yoga pants needed, just come as you are!

☀ ☀ 

Below is a photo gallery of some of the things that happened "IN BETWEEN" at last year's festival...

Ned Martin - 20231029_164434_R6_1980 - Sunday - Island Vibe Festival 2023, North Stradbrok
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