Solar Power

In 2015, our patrons voted for the Opt Eco fee project and favoured…..RENEWABLE ENERGY.

We can confirm that in 2017, and for the second year, Southern Cross University will be bringing their Solar Sunflower to power the Coconut Lounge. You will be able to get a good look at this piece of scientific brilliance, designed especially as a reposnse to the music industry's reliance on traditional generators to power ther music. It'll be right in the middle of the festival. However, if you're as excited as we are you can get a load of the tech specs below and start considering how you might use it to power your next party!

The Solar Sunflower project is our way of reducing the amount of carbon emissions the festival produces. Our main energy sources are biodiesel run generators and some main line electricity. 2017 sees us reducing our total number of generators and optimizing our fuel use.

We're also embracing bicycles this year! Check out our Cycle Vibe page for more details and to get involved!