Eco Option 

Island Vibe is a festival that appreciates nature’s way of enabling us to get down and party in a beautiful part of the world. If you think about, the rubber used to make the tyres on your car has been derived from trees, wood has been shaped and smoothed to create guitars and drums and hops and water have reacted to produce beer. Without nature Island Vibe would be very different! Invest in our eco option where an additional fee of $3.20 (suggested per ticket) goes towards reducing IV’s environmental impact. We hope that after several years of collecting we will finally be able to purchase enough solar panels to power a stage. 


Transport Survey

To find out our carbon footprint we need first to measure it. By taking less than a minute to fill out our transport survey at the festival you can help us decide future transport initiatives. Keen cyclists have banded together and for the third year in a row are cycling from Brisbane, with their luggage, carried ahead in a minivan. If you’d like to cycle to Island Vibe and negate your personal travel footprint check out the Island Vibe Facebook link at the bottom of the page for more details.



This year we have over 25 composting toilets bought onto the site, courtesy of Natural Event. In terms of environmental impact, these toilets use almost no water and after a year a rich compost is the main result. Transportation emissions are avoided as the toilets do not need a pump truck to travel over to the island daily to service them. We have also supplemented the toilets with male and female urinals (He-pees and She-pees) which offers a quick solution to toilet quing and avoids potential degregation of the water table by those Vibers who just can’t hold it in!



It's one small step closer to zero waste, but one giant leap for environmental-kind.
A CARABINER & CUP should be top of your packing list if you plan to stay hydrated and caffeinated while navigating Island Vibe Festival. A handy cup wash station will be located inside the bar area to keep your cup sanitised and sand free. 
Support the “refill not landfill’’ mantra by supping a fine ale from the kegged selection at the bar. Drink will only be served in commemorative reusable cups, which are initally purchased for cost price and then you may wash and refill for each visit. 
Lead the revolution with your festival vessel! Disposable cups, even those that can be composted or recycled, continue the cycle of manufacturing and consumerism. Even clear biodegradable cups, designed to degenerate organically use corn grown often in the US, which is plasticised in China, then shipped to Australia where it is used once and then thrown away. There is no away.
Change your habits, don't suck, instead... BYO cup! 

… reduce, reuse, recycle, restore….. ….replenish, rewind, remind, recover, resist, reveal….. relearn, reassess, rework….



Island Vibe would also like to confirm reports of award-winning excellence in the green aspects of the event. A prestigious ‘Outstanding’ A Greener Festival 2013 award was garnered for excellence in 8 different aspects of environmental sustainability including: Office and Event Management, Fair Trade and Ethical Purchasing, Waste, Re-use and Recycling, Water management, Energy and CO2 Emissions, Travel and Transport, Noise Pollution and Land Management.  AGF took a break in 2014 to restructure but while we wait on news of what award we will win next you can check out which other festivals around the world have earned recognition for their green practices at
Island Vibe 2015 is a Butt Free event. The Sustainability team will provide handheld personal ashtrays to our litter conscious Vibers in a bid to keep our site free of cigarette related litter. Every piece of litter is a piece that matters. To see specific info related to the harms that butt litter creates - check out and make the pledge to keep your surroundings butt free!


These guys offer some essential tips for tourists that will help to protect the natural environment. ‘Caring for Straddie’ can help you learn how to care for the lakes, streams, dunes and beaches and informs about what is expected of you when you are on the island.

For more information about Island Vibe and sustainability, or to get involved please contact

amie [at]

For more information about sustainable living check out Green Lifestyle Magazine - Green Living Made Easy