Once a day, everyday of the Festival, everything stops and everyone converges on the Ceremony Circle for the opening and closing ceremonies.

This year, the Minjerribah artists, led by Maria Belle Isle, developped the Minjerribah Artists Alliance Project (MAAP) and engaged high quality performance artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to share their skill and work with them on their community project. The MAAP artists’ team will create collaborative cultural performances and mentor the local young artists and community groups, in a multi-layered workshop program to be delivered over six weeks leading up to the festival. We are excited about the Minjerribah artists taking the lead to select, engage and develop new work with the visiting artists to culminate in performances at the opening and closing ceremonies of Island Vibe Festival 2017. The project will provide great opportunities in professional development for the local artists and give them a platform to increase their profile and promote local arts and culture.

. . .  T H E   S M O K I N G   C E R E M O N Y  . . .

Friday 27th - 4.20-5.00pm - Dance Ceremony Circle

This year local artist Buangan, Joshua Walker will open the Festival on Friday 27th with a Smoking Ceremony in the Ceremony Circle
followed by the Yulu Burri Ba Jarjums (children) dancing at the Lion Mane Stage. As a special treat after the jarjums dance, Buangan will invite the audience
to come up and learn some dance moves. 

Joshua Walker is a descendant of the Nunnucal people (Quandamooka Country). He has carried on the traditions and transmitted the cultural knowledge that has been passed onto him by his Elders. His work includes Aboriginal song, dance and arts, from painting and carving, to weaving, traditional weapon-making and story-telling. As Director of the Yulu-Bari-Ba Dance Troupe, Joshua mentors young and emerging aboriginal artists. He composes original songs, choreographs the dance routines and orchestrates the music for performances and special ceremonies. 

The Yulu-Bari- Ba Dance Troupe have been performing for over twenty years in Australia and Internationally, and have been at Island Vibe Festival since the very first edition in 2006. Their high level of professionalism has excelled this group to be in high demand as they deliver an exciting, moving and educational performance that all ages enjoy and learn from.