BYO Bottle

As part of our sustainability and environmental focus, Island Vibe Festival is promoting the #BYObottle movement and doing away with single-use plastic water bottles, as well as single-use plastic cups, straws and tableware.

Bring Your Own Bottle is a Green Music Australia initiative (and all-round great idea) that enlists music festivals and artists around Australia to commit to removing single-use water bottles from their events. 

We are committing to not supplying or selling any single-use water bottles both front and back of house, and we’re asking all of our patrons, crew and artists to Bring Your Own Bottle too. So everybody will get to do their bit for the environment this year! This also means bringing reusable bulk water containers for your camp or filling up your own reusable bottle at water points, rather than filling up our bins with thousands of throw-away water bottles and containers every year. A filtered water refill station is available right at the entrance of the festival, on your left hand side as you walk-in. In case you forgot your reusable bottle, you can buy one of our limited edition Island Vibe stainless steel bottles from the Festival Shop for $15.

Thank you to Green Music Australia for partnering with us on this initiative and putting us on track to being a plastic waste free festival!


Scientists predict that, if we don’t change quickly, within decades there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Already, plastic pollution is killing marine life and seabirds, and making its way onto our plates and into our drinking water. By supporting #BYObottle, we can stop tens of thousands of plastic bottles from being used and thrown away, saving energy, greenhouse pollution and time spent cleaning up, as well as reducing waste which ends up in our oceans.

Single use plastic bottles and cups are an entirely unnecessary product in Australia. Sold in their millions at festivals and venues across the country, they fill bins by the truckload and cause a waste headache for organisers. But they're not biodegradable and they're not environmentally friendly. We use them once, and then throw them in the bin. Most end up as waste in landfill, littering our beaches and streets, or in our oceans. This has devastating effects on wildlife and leeches toxic pollution into our soils. As well as damaging local environments, the manufacture and transport of bottles alone generates over 60,000 tonnes of planet-warming greenhouse gas pollution each year, according to Cool Australia.

While we mightn't think of plastic bottles and cups as part of the music industry's environmental footprint, it's no exaggeration to suggest that they could easily account for one of our biggest impacts. They are also extremely visible, there are readily available alternatives, there are existing leaders in the industry already phasing them out or banning them altogether, and being a product manufactured by marketing, they are highly vulnerable to a cultural campaign. That's why we're making the move towards zero disposable plastics!