Timetables for Stradbroke Ferries vehicle ferry and water taxi are available at: Sunday ferry around 8.15pm, please call Stradbroke Ferries for availability.

Water taxi - No bookings are required for water taxi services. 

Vehicle ferry - Vehicle ferry voyages to and from North Stradbroke for the festival book quickly.  We recommend booking early to secure your preferred time and price. When booking an accommodation package that includes vehicle ferry travel to and from the Island: check that your accommodation provider is aware of the special festival discounted fare offerred by our sponsor Stradbroke Ferries.

Flexible fare - In 2015, Stradbroke Ferries introduced a flexible fare structure for North Stradbroke Island based on one way fares which vary according to the time of travel. 

Discount - In 2017,  Island Vibe Festival patrons will receive a 20% discount off all fare levels. Discounted vehicle ferry passage can be booked online (online bookings will receive a further $10 discount) or by calling Stradbroke Ferries: 07 3488 5300.  When on the online reservations area, on the right-hand side of your screen, enter the following customer ID and Password:
CUSTOMER NUMBER: (Discount code to be communicated in the coming weeks)
PASSWORD: (Discount code to be communicated in the coming weeks)

Changes to booking - Any booking changes from one fare level to a higher level will incur additional payment of the higher fare difference. 


As part of the ongoing commitment to a cleaner environment and sustainable practices, the Island Vibe crew supports cycle transport options to and from the festival. Our aim is to make cycling to Island Vibe as easy, and as much FUN as possible. Join the community on our Cycling and Rideshare Facebook group!
You can either bring your bike on public transport or park your car in Cleveland at the ferry terminal, and then hop onto a water taxi (no booking required) or vehicle ferry for $20 (spaces for bicycles on each service are limited to about 20), and cycle once you get onto the Island!
To make your transition into a Cycle Viber easier we are providing:
  • Free luggage transfer from Brisbane and Dunwich to your campsite (just like at the airport, you drop your bag once you get off the ferry and we tag it and move it)
  • Access to free phone charging, bike parking, tuning and a cycle parade on the festival site
  • A secure lock up for valuables, phone charging, a cold Esky and chill out common area in Adder Rock campground
  • Grocery concierge service from other campgrounds


  • If you're cycling from Brisbane then we arrange to have your luggage ready to meet you on the Island. Register by commenting on the thread in the Island Vibe - Cycle, Rideshare and Accommodation facebook group. Luggage will need to be ready to go by Wednesday prior to the festival (25th October) and for return will need to be packed by Monday 30th, ready for collection in Brisbane on Tuesday 31st (evening). Information subject to change. 
  • If you're parking at the ferry terminal or arriving in Cleveland using public transportation and then cycling the Island, bring your luggage over on the ferry and take it to our transfer service in the Dunwich ferry terminal. We tag it and then move it to your campsite for you, all for free! Same goes for the return journey. Luggage transfer is open Thursday 26th Oct (2pm - last car ferry), Friday 27th Oct (8am- last car ferry), Saturday 28th Oct (8am-12 noon).  Returns operate Sunday 30th Oct 12 (noon-last car ferry), Monday 31st Oct (8am- last car ferry). Any arrival times outside of these hours please join the thread in this facebook group. Information subject to change. 

More details on the Cycle Vibe page. 


Connect with a spare seat by using the Miler Carpooling app. You can post your ride to Island Vibe, share the costs and reduce traffic!
Download the app at and insert the promocode ISLANDVIBE2016 for $5 credit and your chance to win a festival ticket if you share your ride to the event! Lift sharing can help pay fuel and ferry costs; minimise traffic congestion and benefit the environment by splitting emissions produced by a care in half ... or by a third ... or into quarters!

You can also join the community on our Cycling and Rideshare Facebook group to find or offer a ride!


This is a great option for the environmentally conscious and those who pack light traveling to / from Brisbane. For costings and timetable information visit:

  1. Train Brisbane - Cleveland : Catch a Cleveland train from either Roma Street, Central or Southbank stations and journey to the end of the line at Cleveland. The journey will take approximately 50 minutes.
  2. Bus Cleveland Train Station - Ferry Terminal : From Cleveland Station to Stradbroke Ferries Terminal a FREE connecting bus (Stradbroke Ferries on the front) will take you to catch the next available water taxi to Dunwich.
  3. Water taxi Cleveland - Dunwich : There are regular water taxi trips across the bay 7 days a week. A water taxi trip is approximately 15-20 minutes and will run in most weather conditions. For costings and timetable information visit: Stradbroke Ferries
  4. Bus Dunwich - Point Lookout/Amity Point : The North Stradbroke Island bus service between Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout connects with the arrival and departure of the water taxis - with a bus to meet every boat and get you to where you want to go! The bus journey from Dunwich to Point Lookout is approximately 20 minutes. The bus stops at the festival site: Home Beach and within walking distance to Adder Rock Campground, as well as most of the resorts located close to the festival. Local buses timetable available here.

~ EXTRA Festival shuttles from ferry to festival site listed below:
Friday 27th:
· 11:45pm - via Amity Point
Saturday 28th:
· 9:45pm - direct to Dunwich,
· 11:45pm - via Amity Point
Sunday 29th:
· 7:45pm – direct to Dunwich (to connect with last barge)
· 9:45pm - via Amity Point
Information subject to change. 


Follow the directions in your street directory to the Cleveland ferry terminal, and either park at the ferry terminal parking for free (spaces are limited) or catch the vehicle ferry.
Upon disembarking at Dunwich, follow the signs to Point Lookout. The Festival Site (Point Lookout Oval) is located across from the Bowls Club.