Cycle Vibe

Every year our transport survey tells us that an average of 3 people per car come over to the Island for the festival. We think this is pretty neat but would like to radically alter the fossil fueled transport 'norm' and encourage a healthier alternative- cycling! Audience transport traditionally accounts for 70-80% of the carbon emissions of the festival, so instead of offsetting and forgetting we're making some changes to our festival to encourage people to arrive by bicycle and avoid producing those high emissions in the first place. 

Benefits of cycling (either from Brisbane, Dunwich or your campsite) to Island Vibe:

  • Save on ferry costs- bicycles are carried free and a return ticket on the water taxi is around $20 per person.
  • No hassle parking- bike rack is availabe at the main gate of the festival
  • Cycle Concierge twice daily to the Bottle Shop and Point Lookout shops for easy grocery transport
  • Get between your campsite and the festival via the beach at low tide!
  • Free bike tune ups while you park at the festival
  • Free phone charging within the festival
  • Access to unique Island Vibe merchandise and activities - just for cyclists
  • A prime position within the Bike Parade, an ideal place to show off all your bells and whistles
  • Special camping facilities at Adder Rock campsite are planned: undercover social area with access to a secure lock up for valuables, a communal cold place to store your beer and food and a dedicated camping area with other cyclists
  • And of course it's healthy, sexy and saves the planet!


For the hardcore elite, a FREE luggage transport service is available:

  • If you're cycling from Brisbane then we arrange to have your luggage ready to meet you on the Island. Register by commenting on the thread in the Island Vibe - Cycle, Rideshare and Accommodation facebook group. Luggage will need to be ready to go by Wednesday prior to the festival (25th October) and for return will need to be packed by Monday 30th, ready for collection in Brisbane on Tuesday 31st (evening). Information subject to change. 
  • If you're parking at the ferry terminal or arriving in Cleveland using public transportation and then cycling the Island, bring your luggage over on the ferry and take it to our transfer service in the Dunwich ferry terminal. We tag it and then move it to your campsite for you, all for free! Same goes for the return journey. Luggage transfer is open Thursday 26th Oct (2pm - last car ferry), Friday 27th Oct (8am- last car ferry), Saturday 28th Oct (8am-12 noon).  Returns operate Sunday 30th Oct 12 (noon-last car ferry), Monday 31st Oct (8am- last car ferry). Any arrival times outside of these hours please join the thread in this facebook groupInformation subject to change. 

This means you and your trusty steed can say goodbye to the city and make a real adventure all the way to Straddie. At 60kms one way from West End this would get your heart pumping.

For those who want a tale to tell over an ale, we recommend popping your bike on the train to Cleveland, then continuing the journey onto the ferry and covering 17kms (one way) over to Home Beach on the island. You can use our luggage transport service from the city as well if you're not that great at packing light.

For groups of people wishing to cycle together from a location not serviced by train (hello Byron Shire!) then why not car pool? Just park at the ferry terminal (parking is limited) and put your bikes and luggage on the water taxi (no booking required) or vehicle ferry FOR FREE! That's right, bicycles travel free and foot passanger cost is around $20 per person return (spaces for bicycles on each service are limited to about 20).


If you dig the idea but are limited in time or a bicycle, then do your bit and hire a bike on the island from either Dunwich or Point Lookout. If you're hiring or BYO bike-ing use it to get to and from your accommodation and use the bike-centric facilities at the festival for free.
You can hire bikes on the Island from: 

For further cycling information check out: